Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Year 5/6 Girls' basketball finals

After finishing 2nd at the South West zones the mighty girls' team took on the best school teams in Canterbury on Tuesday 28th June at Pioneer Stadium.

The team consisted of:

Charlotte Koers (co-captain)
Ella Murdoch (co-captain)
Riley Betman
Sadiyah Mann
Ella Wilson
Amelia Snelleksz
Jessica Snelleksz
Hannah Wallace
Caitlyn Stewart
Annabel Keylard

Supported by ex-student Paris Snelleksz and our wonderful parents, the girls put in an outstanding effort throughout their games to finish 7th.

This is the first time we have had a team make it this far with basketball, and this is testament to the quality of the girls and the wonderful support they receive from their parents who are always there every Wednesday / Thursday at the weekly Pioneer Winter Competition encouraging them to do their best.

Well done, girls. We are very proud of you.

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