Kauri Run / Bike / Run March 21st

The Kauri Run / Bike / Run takes place on Monday the 21st of March. We are off again to Halswell Domain, departing at 10:00am and returning by 1:30pm in time for the full school assembly.

                                                                 Walking Route

Course Map

The course is the following:

Race 1 - 8yrs / year 4  
1 lap
Shorter blue course
1 lap
Race 2 - 9yrs / year 5
1 lap
1 orange lap
1 lap
Race 3 - 10 yrs / year 6
1.3 lap (start farther back)
1 orange lap
1 lap
Race 4 - 11 / 12yrs / year 7/8
1.5 lap (start farther back)
1 orange lap
1 lap

Venue:     Halswell Domain
Date:  Monday 21st March 2016
Times:   Depart school 10:00am
              Return to school: 1:45pm
All Kauri students
What time are the events:  
The first event will begin between 11:15am and 11:30am depending on how long it takes us to get down to Halswell Domain. The 4 races will follow each other, with each of the races taking approximately 20 minutes

Transport:  We will walk to and from Halswell Domain

Students will be able to compete either as an individual (racing in age groups) or as part of a 2 / 3 person team (racing in year levels). Students in the team events are able to form a team with students of other classes as long as they are of the same year level. For example year 6 students can form a team consisting of students from Room 10, 11 and the year 6 students in Room 24
There will be 4 races.
Race 1-  8 years and under/Year 4 teams
Race 2 – 9 years individuals and Year 5 teams.
Race 3 – 10 years individuals and Year 6 teams.
Race 4 – 11/12+ years individuals and Year 7/8 teams.

The age for individual races is the age of the student on April 1st, 2016. This is the date set by Primary Sport Canterbury for students who attend the Primary Schools Duathlon at Ruapuna Raceway on Tuesday, 10th May.  Only students competing in the individual events are eligible to attend the Duathlon event although only in the 9,10,11 and 12+ age group. The first 5 boys and girls in races 2,3 and 4 (10 for the 11yr olds and 10 for the 12+).

Clothing/Equipment: Students need to arrive at school in their sport clothing. It would be great if they were able to wear house colours. Students doing the bike component will need to ensure they have their bike and helmet, with the brakes and seat checked prior. They will need a substantial morning tea and lunch with them, as well as a named drink bottle, and of course, their hat.

Medication: It is very important that students who require medication have this with them when they arrive at school on the Monday. This is particularly important in the case of inhalers as students will be engaging in vigorous physical activity. The school does not have any spare inhalers that we can take down.

Parent help: As we will be walking to Halswell Domain we require the assistance of our wonderful community. We are unable to do these events without your support and assistance, so we really do appreciate your help.
We require parents / caregiver to walk with students to and from the event, and we will also require some helpers at Halswell Domain.  

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