Swimming - SW Zones event -Wharenui Pool, 15.3.2016

The team to represent Oaklands at the SW Zones event at Wharenui Pool on Tuesday 15th March has been selected. The team is below, as is the programme of events.

Isabella Anderson
Logan Cust
Brooke Blaikie
Dominic Gray
Victor Song
Fletcher Due
Jessica Patel
Amelia Tainui
Samantha Woodgate
Samara Barltrop
Samantha Laing
Ella Wilson
Siobhan Kenna
Kayla Pringle
Ethan Elliot
Charlotte Koers
Campbell Buck
Ashley White
Madeline Laing
Josh Sanders
Annabel Keylard
Jack Simpson
Ryder Due

2016 SW Zone Swimming Sports
1Freestyle9 yrs Boys2 Heats
2Freestyle9 yrs Girls2 Heats
3Freestyle10 yrs Boys2 Heats
4Freestyle10 yrs Girls2 Heats
5Freestyle11 yrs BoysFINAL
6Freestyle11 yrs GirlsFINAL
7Freestyle12 + BoysFINAL
8Freestyle12+ GirlsFINAL
9Freestyle9 yrs BoysFINAL
10Freestyle9 yrs GirlsFINAL
11Freestyle10 yrs BoysFINAL
12Freestyle10 yrs GirlsFINAL
13Backstroke9 yrs Boys2 Heats
14Backstroke9 yrs Girls2 Heats
15Backstroke10 yrs Boys2 Heats
16Backstroke10 yrs Girls2 Heats
17Backstroke11 yrs BoysFINAL
18Backstroke11 yrs GirlsFINAL
19Backstroke12+ BoysFINAL
20Backstroke12+ GirlsFINAL
21Backstroke9 yrs BoysFINAL
22Backstroke9 yrs GirlsFINAL
23Backstroke10 yrs BoysFINAL
24Backstroke10 yrs GirlsFINAL
25Breaststroke9 yrs BoysFINAL
26Breaststroke9 yrs Girls2 Heats
27Breaststroke10 yrs Boys2 Heats
28Breaststroke10 yrs Girls2 Heats
29Breaststroke11 yrs BoysFINAL
30Breaststroke11 yrs GirlsFINAL
31Breaststroke12 + BoysFINAL
32Breaststroke12 + GirlsFINAL
33Breaststroke9 yrs GirlsFINAL
34Breaststroke10 yrs BoysFINAL
35Breaststroke10 yrs GirlsFINAL
39Butterfly BoysOpenFINAL
37Butterfly GirlsOpenFINAL
38Mixed Relay9 yrsFINAL
39Mixed Relay10 yrsFINAL
40Mixed Relay11 yrsFINAL
41Mixed Relay12 yrsFINAL

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