Triathlon - Pegasus event 2nd March

The Primary Schools Triathlon event is this year again being held at Pegasus Town.

Below are the details regarding the event.

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You can access the EVENT INFORMATION from the organisers here 

Please note - Permission forms need to be returned to the office by WEDNESDAY 24th FEBRUARY

Venue: Pegasus lake and surrounds
Date: Wednesday 2nd March 2016
Time: Reporting time 9:45am beside lake for participant and marshals.
Transport:  Our wonderful parents
Teacher attending: Grant Forman – I will be there in an official capacity with a duty to do throughout the event so will not be able to be with students.
Sports gear: Students will be issued with a green t-shirt and sports jacket.

Individuals only ‐ entrants must complete all 3 disciplines (i.e. there are no team events).
75 metres for 9 and 10 years, 100metres for 11 and 12+ years.  
This swim is in the lake and it will be deep enough to be over the students’ heads  in parts.  Guards from a local surf lifesaving club will be on duty. The temperature  may also be quite cold.  
5.4 km for 9 & 10 yrs, 10.8 km for 11 & 12+ yrs.  These distances may change slightly.  
2.5 kilometres

Age is at 1st January 2016 for both girls and boys. Children must be 9 years or over
on this  date – OR in year 5 at school (i.e. participants must be in year 5 as the
minimum age group).    A year 4 who is 9yrs old on Jan 1st, 2016 can compete.
A year 5 student who is 8 can compete, but in the 9yrs race.

The event will consist of eight races: a boys’ and girls’ race in each age group
1) 9 years & under: boys and girls        3) 11 years: boys and girls
2) 10 years: boys and girls                      4) 12+ years: boys and girls  

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