Basketball - Rams in Schools Programme - Week 3-10

Rams in Schools Programme  

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Who can do it
Teacher in Charge
Canterbury Rams in Schools - basketball sessions
School basketball court
Every Tuesday 12:40- 1:30pm, 8 weeks, Week 3-10, begins Tues 15th Feb
Year 4-8 students - up to 50 players
Grant Forman
Each Tuesday from week 3 to 10, beginning on Tuesday Feb 16th, 2 players from the Canterbury Rams basketball team will take a basketball skills session. This event was held in 2015 and proved a great success. Students do not require any prerequisite skills; they just need to be enthusiastic, and be prepared to listen and follow the instructions of the guest coaches. We can have up to 50 students involved. There is a $10 fee per player, which works out to be less than $1.50 per session.
We strongly encourage students wanting to be part of an Oaklands Basketball team for 2016 to participate.

As a fee is payable for this activity a separate permission form will need to be signed and returned to acknowledge you are aware of the $10 cost.

For any further information, please contact Grant Forman at

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